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World Class
New Hudson has long been recognized throughout the industry as the premier lehr roll supplier to the global flat glass industry. With an extensive history as the leader in design and manufacturing for float glass, our full line of high quality lehr rollers have been installed in over (200) float lines worldwide. Our unparalleled commitment to innovation and new product development is evident in our application of composite materials and ringed roller designs. Products such as; Dura Bloc™, HTC™, Metal Donut™, Freedom Coat™, and Fire Fly 800™ have been accepted as proven performers by major glass producers throughout the world. Our complete line of roll products offer the customer several options to suit their specific application and operational needs. Additionally, the New Hudson Roller Refurbishing and Cleaning Services, available worldwide allow customers to improve glass quality and yields throughout a campaign. To learn more about how we can support your production needs with the latest roller technology, please give us a call!